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You wake up on a mountain covered in deep snow, confused and disoriented after the plane crash that left you stranded here. Unsure of what to do, you check your phone for service and find, predictably, that you have none. You do, however, have something else; a specially designed program that can predict the future, one choice at a time. There are many possibilities to consider, but the program makes one thing very clear: your chances of survival once darkness falls are slim to none.

You have six hours until the last light of dusk vanishes below the horizon.

Can you survive?


Assume Survival is a work in progress visual novel survival game hybrid, started for Nanoreno 2018, but currently still in development. It follows the attempts of fifteen year old Ospina, and four other individuals, to survive in the harsh winter mountains on their own. Featuring the unique ability to see the future of your choices, texting-based communication with other crash survivors, and a variety of endings, this game demands a strategy of trial-and-error to conquer.


  • At least 16 endings
  • At least 30 unique achievements
  • A subtle pixel-style aesthetic


Update, 2020.1.17:
Work on AS is coming along! I'm currently finishing up character routes/endings, and after those are done I'll finish up the other non-character endings and scenarios. Once all the scenarios are put in, it's just a matter of cleaning up the code and putting everything together. Sorry for the long wait, but I hope that it'll be worth it!

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